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Loving the imperfect

There’s not much space to learn and grow if you don’t love the place where you are.

After facing what was probably one of the worst years in his career in 2015, the tennis player Nadal said that no one fails if you do your best to win: you fail when you don’t try hard enough to achieve your goals.

People who achieve remarkable objectives are not only exceptional at what they do but also very persistent. Contrary to appearances, they don’t measure success according to what they want to achieve but according to how much they try.

Nadal said once that what makes him wake up every morning and do what he does is wanting to be a better player. And if you want to be better player, you really need to love all the little imperfections and issues that come with wanting to improve.

As exceptional people doing remarkable work know, you can’t be a better player if you only want to win.



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