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How can I do this?

Every month that I confront my white page to write a post for my blog, every time I go to the first coaching session with a client, on every single occasion that I’m facilitating groupwork and I feel that we’re stuck, I have this little voice that says “How on earth am I going to do this?”

I always think that one day I won’t be able to write any more, that stories will desert me, that people will stop coming to work with me, that my words and my work will fall flat.

, my answer used to be “You’ve done it before, so why not this time?” But lately I’ve been telling myself “Stories might abandon me, the muses might go somewhere else, people might not resonate with my work any more, and still this is not important.”

Your work is to show up day after day, sitting down to write even if you don’t feel like it, working with people even when you feel you don’t have the answers, contributing even when there is nobody there to cheer you up at the end of the day.

The only possible answer to “How can I do this?” is to keep on doing it.



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