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How did you dare to step out of line?

This risky project, this crazy business idea that you’ve been working on for three years, this dream of making money with your craft; you knew it was silly, didn’t you? You knew that it could fail, but you didn’t count on how all this was going to play in your head after a while.

Failing to achieve an acceptable dream is embarrassing; failing to achieve a crazy dream might make you feel stupid; failing when you decided to follow a dream that challenges the status quo and common sense sometimes brings guilt.

The guilt of ‘I should have known better; I should have taken the job at that company instead of trying to build this stupid business; I should have made other decisions. And look at me now with my dream in pieces. I should have known better’.

Not sticking with the pack comes with certain costs. The cost is that it might fail. A time may come when you need to quit. That’s fine.

But please, do yourself a favour: only drop the dream – not the dreamer.



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