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Don’t give up too soon

Most of the people who studied law with me have ended up doing something completely different. From that year, there are two award winning-photographers, one marketer, a pub owner, a theatre director, an early childhood development specialist, a stay-at-home mum, a financial advisor, and even a brand storyteller, among others.

When we started our degrees we all wanted to be lawyers in criminal law, in civil law, in human rights or in commercial law. We imagined ourselves working for a cool law firm or even setting up our own local firm. We all tried for a spell to be who our parents, teachers and society wanted us to be. For most of us, it didn’t work.

Except for one. The chosen one, the successful one with a stellar career.

I talked to him recently. He’s moving on to something else. He’s trying to figure out what’s next for him.

Finding out what you love to do and what you’re great at is never a waste of time. Don’t give up too soon.



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