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Credibility in your business

We live in times of scarcity, or that’s what we tell ourselves. Other people have a bigger budget, a better sales team, a more effective online strategy, a very clever funnel, a lot of experience and a great network.

We think we’re not getting results because we lack something, either resources or credibility.

Credibility is a painful one: the credibility that long-established businesses have, the credibility associated with having worked with Fortune 100 companies, the credibility of being endorsed by a celebrity, the credibility of having worked in very fancy top corporate jobs.

Credibility, along with credentials, is a very sought-after badge that every business wants to achieve at one point or another.

The truth is that we think we need credentials to build up credibility so people will trust us and buy from us.

But it could be that what you think your customers need to see in terms of credentials to trust you is more about what you think you need to feel trustworthy.

Titles, names and CVs can be impressive. They’re impressive for me, and I guess they are for you too.

But when I think about it, I don’t buy from impressive people. I buy from people who do impressive things that resonate with who I am, people who believe what I believe, people committed to certain values, people raising the bar.

I buy their products and services because of who they are and what they bring. I buy the story, not the anecdote about what they were doing a couple of years ago or the titles they have.

What are your customers buying when they buy from you? A story or an anecdote?



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