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Can’t find your story? Track it back

Tiddler the Story-telling Fish was and still is one of my children’s favourite stories.

The book tells the story of Tiddler, a fish who is always late for school. Every time he’s late he spins his teacher a story. His stories are so amazing and fantastic that nobody believes him, except one fish called Little Johnny Dory, who tells the story to another fish, who tells another, and so on.

One day, Tiddler gets into trouble and finds himself away from home. He is afraid and lost until he hears a fish telling one of his stories. He asks him who told him that story and starts tracking his way back home, following the fishes who had told his stories.

We’re not very different from Tiddler. When we’re committed to telling our story, sometimes we can feel that people don’t resonate with us, that we’re wasting our time, that we should follow the crowd and do what others are doing.

But if we resonate with just one person, and that person tells another person, and that one tells another, we’re creating a powerful net.

Can we track our stories back? The stories we’ve been telling and the people who have told others? Who are the people who talk about us? Where are they? Where did they hear our story? What do they say about us?

Tracking down your stories is a powerful way of finding out what really matters to you and your customers.



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