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Big is not the goal

How big is your dream? How far it can fly? How many people can join you? How many people will support you? How relevant is your dream to the world, to yourself, to me, to people like us?

What impact is it going to have on the world? What are you willing to sacrifice for your dream, and what is non-negotiable?

Thinking big is part of our entrepreneurial culture because we live in a world that encourages us to think that everything is possible and that we can be the masters of our destiny.

As we spend time colouring in our big dreams and visualising the future, another question becomes even more urgent: How and when will I know that it’s enough?

Big is not a goal in itself: it’s the result of our vision, our values, and the impact we want to make. Some businesses decide to stay small to fulfil their mission better, while others want to start a revolution in their sector and need extra capacity.

All of us face the same question at some point: When will I know that it’s enough? When will I know that growing bigger is not the answer for my mission and the story that I want to tell?

If we believe that businesses are a force for good, dreaming big should be about how many people we can have an impact on, support, and change, rather than about the size of our business and the profits we’ll generate.

Dreaming big with people is a great thing, but remember to ask yourself: Have I arrived at a point that’s enough for me, my customers, and the people that support me?

We’re serving people, not taking part in a race to make things bigger, shinier and more profitable. Arriving at enough gives us a perspective on what really matters.



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