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A pale version of yourself

We all have our talent, our gift, our uniqueness, and most of the time we shy away from it. In our work we show up as a pale version of who we are, because sometimes we’re more worried about complying and ticking the boxes than about shining with our own light.

And still, in our businesses, we bring the same attitude: we don’t bring ourselves fully, we don’t tell the story that we really want to tell, and we don’t dare to connect with the people we really want to connect with.

We look at the numbers and the goals and we feel that we could do better, we could be selling more, we aren’t good enough at what we do, our website is crap, or we aren’t active enough on social media

So, we start looking at how other people are doing it: their tactics, and how they have achieved what they have achieved, to conclude that we need to replicate that in our business.

We struggle to connect with our craft and our ideas, and we start to have problems identifying who we are in business and what’s next for us. We feel anxious, because we know we’re capable of more, but we can’t define it.

Before any successful brand, and its marketing and branding strategy, there is an intention, a position, values, and generosity in offering something to people they care about.

But way before that there is passion and a connection to something they want to see in the world, a willingness to make something happen, an intention to bring us together under one idea, one story.

This first connection to your craft is the seed of the rest of the work that you will do, and this is the place to get back to when you don’t know what’s next.

You story starts with you, in a generous and conscious act of offering something that matters to the world and to the people you care about.



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