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Walking on the ice

Sam went for a walk around the ice-covered lake. It was a beautiful morning. It had been snowing the entire week, and many people had decided to enjoy a refreshing Saturday morning walking around the lake.

He noticed some children skating on the ice. He remembered the long winters and the visits to his grandparents’ house near the lake, and how they used the spend the afternoons skating. Without giving it a second thought he followed the children.

After a couple of minutes he noticed the iced starting to crack under his feet. In that long second, he realised that he was the only one following the children. The rest of the people had come to the conclusion that they were far too heavy to do what the children were doing.

There is a crucial moment in any business in which these questions should be addressed:

Can we do this?

Should we do it?

Is this for us?

The first speaks to your strength and capabilities, the second to your story, and the third to who you are.

Walking on ice is possible, and it can be done. There are people in front of you doing it.

Not because it can be done you have do it.

Not because others are doing it, you should go for it.

How you respond to the questions ‘Can I do this?’ and ‘Is this for me?’ can make the difference between falling through the ice or staying dry.



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