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There’s no ego in that

We’re all wondering about the story that we can tell during the pandemic. Some businesses are changing their focus, moving online, starting to manufacture products they’ve never made before, finding new creative ways of servicing their customers. 

Before the pandemic Canlis, in Seattle, was one of the finest restaurants in the West Coast; today it has been converted into a drive-through.

In the morning they serve bagels, and for the rest of the day it’s a burger stand. They’ve moved fast – the whole transition was made in 15 days. They’ve kept their 115 employees, and might even need to hire more.

William Canlis, one of the founder brothers, said “What I love to do is to feed people. There’s no ego in that.”

You can move forward with your story if you consider the essence of what you do. Fine dining is not about the butter knife or the design of the silver cold-meat fork. For Mark Canlis, fine dining is the most considered form of caring for people with food.

Set aside all the artificiality, all the fanciness, all the importance, all the status, all the ego, and get back to the basics of what you do. What is the story that you can tell about what you do that’s just a plain and basic way of showing your appreciation and caring for your customers and for your work?



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