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The world feedback

How many times do we ask our customers for feedback but refuse to see the feedback in the world around us? Let me explain.

What is really doing our work in the world? How is it helping to make the world a better place? What is our contribution?

Nestlé has been the object of boycott campaigns in Europe, the US and Canada since the seventies. Different groups have accused them of unethical practice in their promotion of infant formula in developing countries.

The campaigners maintain that access to clean water is not possible in most of these countries, and mothers do not have access to the sanitation standards required to prepare the formula in safe and hygienic conditions. Once they have started giving the formula in hospitals, breastfeeding becomes more difficult. In the long term, getting mothers to use infant formula in developing countries while they are in hospital puts the lives of their babies at risk.

Most of these accusations end up in endless arguments and defensive statements. 

I wonder what would change if we truly asked what the world’s feedback about our own product or service is? What are we promoting, and for whom? What is the legacy? How we define ‘good’?

Every single product or service that we bring to the world will have a positive and a negative effect.

Sometimes we can’t do anything about it, but what we can do is to see our responsibility not as something that can be fitted onto a label in tiny letters but as something that can be written in big capital letters with pride.

Responsibility is not something to be exonerated from, but something to wear as a badge of honour.



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