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The common ground

Often we need to tell our story, strategy or vision to people who have other values and interests.

When this happens arguments and logic can trigger defensive responses and we may be perceived as lacking in empathy.

Stories about how this feels for me, why this is important, what happened to me so I started seeing things in this way, can be more appropriate in these circumstances. Vulnerability can create the common ground that allows me to hear you even though I may not share your values and beliefs.

It is in this space that possibilities can be created. You don’t communicate your strategy or vision to convince people but to invite them on a journey to transform their reality.

And, as with any invitation, we might get “no” for an answer.

But you’ll be more likely to hear “yes” if you start with “This is why this is important to me” rather than “This is how it should be done”.

Vulnerability requires you to show the real reasons behind what you do. It’s easier to go in a journey with someone when you know them and their main reasons for travelling. The more important questions are “Why are you’re taking me there?” and “Why you?” The place that you want to take me comes second.



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