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Story detector

Every single piece of content or information is storified these days.

It makes sense. The amount of information we receive every day is so overwhelming that if we don’t find a way of making it appealing it won’t get through the filter to our saturated minds.

Stories have a certain structure that attract the mind. We pay attention. However many stories have a structure with no values, change or meaning underneath.

In the coming years we’re going to need to develop the skill to identify which stories deserve our attention.

I recently came across to the original E.T. trailer from 1982 whose opening words are “In 1975 he directed Jaws; in  1977 he directed Close Encounters of the Third Kind...” The beginning of the trailer is exclusively about Steven Spielberg.

E.T. is still a masterpiece but we probably wouldn’t choose that trailer for the film in 2020 because we’ll want to make it about the audience, not the director.

When you tell your stories, think about the ones that you want to proudly survive and still be told in forty years. It’s easier to change a trailer than a film. Make time for the stories that matter.



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