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Persuading with stories: don’t go there

A story seems to be the answer to everything. When rationality and logic fail us, we think that if we tell a story we can win hearts and minds. But it doesn’t always work like that.

In fact our brain doesn’t accept information that doesn’t match our worldview, with or without stories. If I believe the earth is flat, no matter how much science you bombard me with or how skilful your storytelling, I won’t take in your information.

As Tali Sharot says in The Influential Mind, when you talk to someone who disagrees with your view you won’t be able to convince him with a story unless that story is based on common ground that you both believe in.

Before trying to convince or persuade someone of something we need to find what we have in common. That’s why stories work: because what they talk about brings us closer.

Storytelling is an art grounded in interdependence and interconnection, not the art of telling someone something they don’t want to hear in an entertaining way.



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