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Measuring what matters

Why are our customers buying a product or a service from us?

All products and services are another a solution to a problem. It could be that your solution is cheaper, faster, more enjoyable, offers more fulfilment or delights the senses more than other available products. But at the end of the day we ‘re all in the business of offering solutions.

Understanding what type of solution we’re offering is essential to designing our branding and marketing strategy,. And with the strategy comes the decision about what we are going to measure.

When we send a customer survey, we need to know what we’re measuring.

Do you want to measure whether your customers are happy and are likely to keep buying from you in the near future, or whether the way you define your uniqueness is still relevant to them?

Customers surveys can be an opportunity to engage in a conversation about grey areas where we don’t necessarily know the answers. If customer surveys are confirming what you already know, maybe you aren’t asking the right questions.



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