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Getting lost

At first I thought it was my problem. I wondered if I might be the type of person who tends to complicate things. But later I saw others following a similar pattern.

When we care, things start to get complicated. From relationships to business, once who you think you are gets into the conversation it’s going to get messy.

Any purpose-driven business knows this. Solutions to our major problems and challenges come with huge trade-offs and implications. When you care, you start being mindful about the consequences of your choices, and you might get confused.

Getting lost for a good reason might be good if it’s because you’re truly assessing what you’re doing and the impact of your actions. At what point you will need to compromise, we all do, and then you will see that you are less and less lost.

Finding the direction you need might be related to what you’re are ready to accept and tolerate in order to make your impact. Sometimes getting lost is a way of getting stronger.



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