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Be courageous, more than brave

You want to grow and play big. People know your potential and you believe in yourself too, but what excuses do you find not to do the work that needs to be done?

Maybe your team is not ready? Maybe you feel that this is not the moment? Maybe you need to upgrade your systems first?

Following your own story requires courage, not just bravery. The courage to do something despite the fear, because you know you have to do it to deliver the story you want to deliver, for yourself and for your customers.

Brave people can do amazing things because they don’t feel the fear that you feel; courageous people do it despite the fear.

Bravery will make you stand out in front of people as someone who can be admired, but courage will gain you respect and trust – the type of respect and trust that you earn when you’re committed to telling your story despite the obstacles.

If you want to stand out, be brave; if you want to build up character and connect to people that care as much as you care, be courageous. There are two different stories; it’s best not to mix them up.



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