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When we need help

It was something that started happening gradually, but one day I realised that my eldest was not holding my hand any more when we walked to school.

Now, he rarely does it when we walk anywhere. Only when he feels insecure in a new situation.

I’ve observed parents walking their children to school. None of them need their parents’ hand to be able to walk, but children like to feel their parents close to them. The world is still too big for them.

We don’t ask for help because we don’t know: we ask for help because we think we don’t know.

As Milton Erickson said, ‘There are a lot of things we know that we don’t know we know, but we need to know that we know it.’

Asking for help is more about getting to know what we think we don’t know than about getting to know what we don’t know.

Sometimes getting help is just an eye-opening exercise.

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