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What you can control

The website has a glitch that prevents customers from using your online services; subscriptions to your blog have fallen dramatically; the two next customers that you have lined up have decided that they’re not starting next week; a manufacturing test has detected an error in your new product; five of your main customers have delayed their payments due to cash-flow problems.

These are problems that need to be fixed. The website needs to work well, you need to find a way to promote your blog, find new customers, solve the error and face your cash flow problem. You absolutely need to do something about it, but at the same time you can’t control what’s happening next.

You cannot be completely sure whether the website is going to break down again, whether you’ll find new customers next week, or whether the error will finally be fixed on time.

You can give it your best shot, work hard, learn lessons – but the only thing that you can truly control is your level of engagement with any of these challenging situations.

How you face the ups and downs count even more than whether you fix the problems on time.



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