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Are you busy with the right stuff?

You hate your website. It doesn’t talk about who you are and what you do any more. It doesn’t talk to your customers either, but there’s so much going on at the moment that you don’t have the time to figure out the answers to all these questions, so you launch an email campaign instead.

You hate selling, you hate pitching, so you keep doing courses on marketing, selling and pitching to see if you can figure it out and land the perfect pitch that’s going to bring you all the customers you need.

You’re having trouble with your team. They’re struggling to achieve their targets, they seem to lack motivation, they don’t have the same energy any more. Meetings are difficult. There are rumours about a reorganisation happening in the coming months. You decide to hire a sales coach to bring your team up to speed with their sales targets.

Before you get far too busy, make sure that you’re busy with the right stuff.



Tired of trying to convince people around?
This might be what you need!
A jargon-free space for mastering the art of communicati
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