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The Story Workshop 

Craft a Story that Connects  

Works that matters begins with a story worth telling.

Human beings have always made sense of the world, their situation, and each other through narrative. The stories we tell ourselves and each other inspire us to build identity, forge meaning, and move forward together.

Are you ready to tell a purpose-driven story that shares your vision and creates impact? Then you know that work comes with significant challenges and abundant uncertainty.
This mini-workshop helps change-makers like you make a bigger difference by crafting better stories.

If you're doing work that matters but struggling to execute on your mission, we're here to help.

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And these are some of the stories participants tell after attending Story Practice
Heading 5

About Scott Perry 

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About Natalia Alvarez 

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Scott is a catalyst for difference-makers living their legacy. He's Creative on Purpose's Chief Difference-Maker and author of the Amazon top-sellers Endeavor and Onward. He's also the head coach for Seth Godin's Creative and Freelancer Workshops.

Scott is a husband and father, goes for a cemetery run every day, and quotes Marcus Aurelius more often than he should. 

For over thirty years, Scott found and spread joy as a professional musician and guitar teacher while maintaining a happy marriage, homeschooling his sons, and paying the bills. 

Scott's approach to storytelling is steeped in his long experience as a writer of both songs and books. His process is time tested, scientifically vetted, and works.
Learn more about Scott at

Natalia is a human rights lawyer who decided to use stories instead of legal arguments to make change.
For over a decade,  she's sat down with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ideologies to advance human rights agendas. 

During these long meetings, she quickly realised that people follow the best stories, not the best arguments.

Today Natalia helps founders, entrepreneurs, and other changemakers move from being understood to being believed and trusted with stories that move people forward.

Learn more about Natalia at

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