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“Natalia manages to go to the core of a business, and asks thought-provoking questions to help you see your challenges in a different light. With Natalia’s help, I managed to increase online sales and conversions, and got people to connect with my story and brand. I loved working with Natalia, and if you feel that there’s more to your story, I recommend you enlist her help in discovering it.”

Reinder de Vries



Natalia’s approach was invaluable in helping me get out of my own way with connecting with my audience through story."

Scott Perry

Creative on Purpose + Coach, Seth Godin's The Marketing Seminar + Musician & Teacher


“One of Natalia’s best qualities it is her ability to convince and persuade when presenting and communicating along with her empathy to understand other people’s point of view. She is excellent at designing a communication strategy and deliver it to different audiences. I would recommend Natalia heartily to any organisation which wants to become more influential and gain more presence when engaging with people.”

Txema Urquijo

Former Director of the Basque Government Human Rights Office and Independent Consultant on Recovering Historical Memory

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