The most important conversations within your team are often the hardest.

Let's turn them into an opportunity to collaborate not into a conflict.




Hi, I’m Natalia Alvarez.


I help high-performance teams and individuals address their communication challenges. 

I transform disengagement, opposition and conflict into connection, collaboration and purpose-driven action. 


I’m a former human rights lawyer and an accredited and qualified mediator. 


I've worked for top UK Universities as a lecturer in human rights and international armed conflict and I have more than 15 years of experience in international advocacy ranging from leading an international leadership programme for the United Nations to advising governments on human rights issues.  

This is what I've learned over decades of working as a  communication consultant:


When we improve the quality of our conversations, we create better engagement, reduce conflict, establish trust and get better results for everybody.


To create psychological safety in a team, we need to learn to do the hard talking without turning it into a battlefield 

Learn how to transform resistance into collaboration

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"Natalia Alvarez approach inspired us to clarify our intention and purpose and use our “human” skills to enhance a positive contribution to personal and business development. Her focus on aligning values to make the workplace more successful and fulfilling is quite unique. I have no doubt in recommending her to any team wanting to clarify their message and purpose while focusing on making a positive contribution."

Graeme Keen

Relationship Director North of Scotland

Bank of Scotland


Improve performance with better conversations

 Teams are becoming more diverse, change is accelerating in many sectors and there is a growing pressure to deliver better results and more innovation in record time. 


When people can bring themselves to work they are more productive, creative, innovative, conflicts tend not to escalate, and they deliver better results.


Creating better conversations will help you to increase psychological safety, encourage collaboration and achieve your goals faster.  


I work with people on a one to one helping them to achieve outstanding results by improving the quality of their interactions and conversations.  



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Managing difficult conversations: 
Achieve better results by improving dialogue with stakeholders.  

I help you build a bridge in which dialogue and collaboration are possible.


Team members and managers can't work effectively if they are afraid to speak up, they are not sure how to have difficult conversations or don't know how to handle conflict. 

In the last years, people at work have experienced higher levels of stress that are already affecting their mental health. 

We need a process to create better conversations that help us deal with high levels of demand and possibly stressful personal circumstances. 

I  help to improve the dialogue between members of a team, organisations and stakeholders to create an environment of trust in which different voices can be heard, constructive feedback can be delivered and a more robust and inclusive project can be implemented. 



Communicating culture and strategy: Create a narrative that allows collaboration and moves people forward. 

I help leaders explain strategy and culture in an engaging way. 


I support leaders to design processes, narratives and experiences that impact how people do things. 

In my work, I help leaders to unfold the narratives that change behaviours and translate their new strategy, values and culture into action.


The result is that strategy and culture become alive because everybody can see, experience and understand what it means and how they can use it in the work that they do. 






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