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Learn how the leaders of tomorrow are uncovering and communicating their authentic stories with the Story Discovery Framework.

Hi, I’m Natalia Alvarez.

I’m a former human rights lawyer with more than two decades of experience in international advocacy and leadership training. I’ve worked for universities, international organisations, NGOs, local communities and governments helping them to influence and persuade different actors to join them in making change happen.

I work with leaders, founders and entrepreneurs to help them to communicate their purpose with stories that are vision lead, connect emotionally and lead to breakthrough business results. 


I work with leaders to help them to authentically communicate their purpose through stories that people can trust and believed.

Business Stories Individual Consulting

My one-to-one consultations are designed to craft your purposeful stories for better engagement and impact. This is for entrepreneurs wanting to clarify their message, for freelancers wanting to tell more authentic stories, for founders needing a clear story before pitching for funding or presenting a sales pitch.

Teams Storytelling Training Programme

Authentic and purposeful storytelling resonates and creates trust. The learning doesn’t start with a 5 steps guide, but with connecting first with what is true to your team. This is a process in which you will follow principles, no rules.  

“I approached Natalia with a semi formed concept and narrative for a new service. Through working with her, we fundamentally deconstructed and rebuilt the proposition. The result is now the foundation of a more authentic, deeper and ambitious movement than I could ever have imagined.”

How I work

Uncover your Purpose

Clarify your purpose and values before you tell your story. If you are a purpose-driven business, this is where your story starts. Uncovering your purpose is a self-reflective process in which you connect with the core of your business.  This is the heart of your business. 

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Define your Narrative

The narrative translates purpose into action. Some people call this a strategic narrative or big narrative. The narrative needs to be clear and to be expressed in simple words and sentences. The  narrative helps you to make sound business decisions and brings alignment.

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Share your Stories

Stories are a way to connect with your audience emotionally, using your narrative and your purpose as a guide. This is how you create an authentic and trustworthy emotional connection with your audience. They are the energy of your business, as they help you to stay connected to others and the world around you.

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Uncover Your Authentic Stories

Learn how the leaders of tomorrow are uncovering and communicating their authentic stories with the Story Discovery Framework.

“Natalia’s Story Discovery Framework has been a thought provoking and effective way to let me reveal authentic stories with our core values and purpose at the center stage.”

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