Difficult conversations become easier when you change your mindset, not just your words.   


Fast-moving teams need communication skills that adapt to their goals and processes. 

You don't want just to learn how to manage difficult conversations,  YOU WANT to have difficult conversations instead of avoiding them.


You don’t want just to know how to generate better conversations with customers, YOU WANT  to have those conversations.  


 And I guess, you don’t just want to learn the theory behind psychological safety,  YOU WANT to create environments where people feel safe to talk.

So, in the end, it all comes to creating behavioural change.

And to change behaviours, we need first to change MINDSETS. 


The kind of problems that we have in fast-changing environments are not solved when we teach people to manage difficult conversations.

So let's start with what really matters. 


Our brain create  mental shortcuts that affects how we asses information and make decisions. Cognitive bias help us to make sense of the world and make decisions faster but it also creates a problem when stakes are high and we need to engage in challenging conversations.


Behavioural change also needs time. It takes around 66 days to create a new habit, that’s 8 weeks!


Don't use other people's formats or templates. Create a unique process that addresses the needs, values and culture of your fast-moving team. 


Embed managing difficult conversations into the culture of your organisation.  Make it stick. Make it sustainable.

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What behavioural change do you want to create and how is this related to your business goals?  


What is the most effective way to integrate learning into the work of fast-paced teams? Design the learning to adapt to your work.  


Learning should include practice time and time for questions and answers outside skills learning.


 Integrate the learning into your team culture with intention to scale later.


"Natalia Alvarez approach inspired us to clarify our intention and purpose and use our “human” skills to enhance a positive contribution to personal and business development. Her focus on aligning values to make the workplace more successful and fulfilling is quite unique. I have no doubt in recommending her to any team wanting to clarify their message and purpose while focusing on making a positive contribution."

Graeme Keen

Relationship Director North of Scotland

Bank of Scotland



Hi, I’m Natalia Alvarez.


I work with fast-moving teams helping them to  transform disengagement, unproductive opposition and conflict into constructive disagreement and civil difficult conversation that drive learning and innovation . 


I’m a former human rights lawyer and an accredited and qualified mediator. 


I've worked for top UK Universities as a lecturer in human rights and international armed conflict and I have more than 15 years of experience in international advocacy ranging from leading an international leadership programme for the United Nations to advising governments on human rights issues.  

This is what I've learned over decades of working as a  communication consultant:


When we improve the quality of our conversations, we create better engagement, reduce conflict, establish trust and get better results for everybody.


To create psychological safety in a team, we need to learn to do the hard talking without turning it into a battlefield 

Learn how to transform resistance into collaboration


For individuals

Nothing prepared you for the changes that you faced in the last three years.

And there are still new challenges in the workplace with hybrid and remote work, the great resignation and the constant pressure on delivering at the highest level. 

How do you suppose to communicate in the middle of this uncertainty and changes?


How can you keep people motivated while working on complex and unpredictable projects?


How can you encourage people to speak up and collaborate when they are anxious?


How can you have the hard conversations that are needed right now? 

I work with people, like you, managers, CEOs, founders, professionals and team leaders working in task-orientated environments who need to give a new meaning to communicating effectively.

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For organisations.  

Is communicating effectively adapted in your organisations to the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous workplace environments that you have to face?


There is no communication these days that can be label as effective if it doesn't know how to integrate the following facts:


-  People are irrational.

-  Being right is not an advantage anymore.

 - You can't convince people.

- People not sharing information or collaborating effectively is dangerous for any organisation.


Effective communication in the new normal means:


- Knowing how to face irrationality and uncertainty in a business conversation.


- Balance expertise, logic and rationality with empathy.

- Communicate to ignite action and collaboration.

- Create safe and brave spaces where people can do the hard talking.  


I work with organisations that want to upgrade their communication skills to the new challenges that we have ahead of us. 




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“When it comes to heart filled purposeful and authentic stories, Natalia gets to the essence. She does it with integrity, honesty and personal humilty. A pleasure to work with.”

Darragh Power

Coach and Changemaker, Sales Acceleration and Leaderships Programme SAP

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“Natalia has the rare ability to bring clarity in complex situations while being courageously commited to making a difference in people's lives. Her work is about empowering people by listening to diverse voices and bringing them together in one story. Something that is very much needed these days.”

Dr. Carlos Beristain

Member of the Truth Comission, Colombia

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“Working with Natalia has helped me to comunicate my aspirations, work and goals in a more personal and candid way."

Ivan Saldaña

Independent Sales consultant.


“Have you felt like you’re falling short of connecting with your customer with your marketing content? I have- even though my business is a content marketing company! Natalia helped me to break through the dry and overly analytical approach I was bringing to developing key marketing messages."

Tyler Anne Lowe

Founder and Chief Creative Director at Phaedo Creative.