Amplify your purpose

with stories

People trust us when they get a sense of who we are and what we stand for 

We struggle with authentic stories. It can feel too personal.

We don’t know where to find these stories and how to tell them.

But we know that authentic stories are the best way to create the trust that we need to make the impact that we are looking for.

It’s not complicated. Let me tell you how.


Hi, I’m Natalia.

My work is about helping purpose driven people like you, with ideas, projects, businesses and brands to find and tell authentic stories that amplify their purpose in the world.


Get The Story Discovery Framework to help you find purposeful, authentic and value-driven stories for your business or project.

I was stuck at finding a story that felt right for our business. One that I could feel was true to ourselves and create a connection. Natalia’s Story Discovery Framework has been a thought provoking and effective way to let me reveal authentic stories with our core values and purpose at the center stage. So not only I got a blueprint I can use to confidently develop a story strategy and new stories, but engaging with it I also gained a lot more clarity in my business’ identity!”

“I don’t skip over Natalia’s one-of-a-kind blogs in my overload of e-mails because each post uplevels my awareness of what makes a story that matters and a business that changes lives. And I aspire to have both of those”

This is how I  help you

Your story is not just a narrative that helps you to be seen and get customers.

It also serves a greater purpose: to lead your business, help you to make better decisions and connect in a meaningful way with your customers. 

You can’t connect with people if you choose the wrong story.

Tell me more about finding the right story

Your business story talks about how you uniquely deliver your services and bring value to your customers.

It creates trust and persuades.

It explain why you are in business

It should be rooted in your values and who you are, so that you can confidently tell it.

It starts with you, but it’s created with your audience in mind. 

Business stories cannot be crafted following a template. They are drawn from understading who you are and who your audience is.

Tell me more about how to tell my business story

I write two stories per week; short, personal and value-driven. You can sign up here.

“You are among the few blogs I never miss along with Seth Godin, Bernadette Jiwa, Steven Pressfield and Gaping Void. You inspire me enormously.”

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