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I help leaders to clarify and amplify purpose

We live in a purpose economy. The value of a business is not defined anymore based exclusively on profit but on its perceived contribution to society.


Hi, I’m Natalia.

A former human rights lawyer who worked in international advocacy and leadership training for more than two decades. During these years, I successfully created campaigns and programmes that changed people’s perceptions of human rights and helped different actors to move forward with the new times.

In my work today,  I help you to think and articulate purpose, so you can stay ahead. 

This is how I  help you:

I amplify purpose through stories

I was stuck at finding a story that felt right for our business. One that I could feel was true to ourselves and create a connection. Natalia’s Story Discovery Framework has been a thought provoking and effective way to let me reveal authentic stories with our core values and purpose at the center stage. So not only I got a blueprint I can use to confidently develop a story strategy and new stories, but engaging with it I also gained a lot more clarity in my business’ identity!”


In a very competitive market, the only way to differentiate yourself is by making people feel part of something bigger: your purpose.  People want to contribute to businesses that are making more than money. 

If your customer doesn’t share your purpose, you become another product or service. Purpose is the quickest way to connect and make an impact.

Purpose helps you to create a better strategy, to attract the best talent and to create a culture that people want to be part of.  

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Your brand story is based on your purpose and your values. It talks about how you uniquely deliver your services and bring value to your customers.

It creates trust and persuades.

It explain why you are in business

It should be rooted in who you are, so that you can confidently tell it.

It starts with you, but it’s created with your audience in mind. Your purposeful brand story is your big narrative, the one that you can implement in your marketing, branding or fundraising campaigns.

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Authentic stories align with authentic values. 

A story should help people get through the door, but most of all it should give them reasons to stay.

Stories create the emotional angle that will turn a customer who’s ready to make a transaction into a connection. Because people want to be seen as who they are , they want to make choices that talk about their values.

Any business story starts with a conscious decision about what you stand for. Once you know this, the story isn’t difficult to tell.

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“You are among the few blogs I never miss along with Seth Godin, Bernadette Jiwa, Steven Pressfield and Gaping Void. You inspire me enormously.”

“I don’t skip over Natalia’s one-of-a-kind blogs in my overload of e-mails because each post uplevels my awareness of what makes a story that matters and a business that changes lives. And I aspire to have both of those”

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