Move people forward with a narrative they can trust and believe in.

To get customers, team members or stakeholders to take a certain action, you must first win their trust. The most effective way to achieve this is by creating a narrative that they emotionally connect with.


I apply storytelling to communication and leadership to transform narratives and shape ideas. This helps individuals, companies and organisations to connect emotionally with their audience and deliver on their ambition for positive change.


Hi, I’m Natalia Alvarez.


I’m a former human rights lawyer and academic with more than two decades of experience in international advocacy and leadership training. I’ve worked for international organisations, governments, NGOs, universities, and companies, helping them to influence and persuade different actors to make change happen.

In this complex and interconnected world we need to bring diverse voices and ideas together to create solutions to real problems. To move forward, we need not only the right people in the room but also the right story.


1 to 1 for people with ambition for change. 

Every time you write an email, make a sales pitch, do a presentation, or talk to your team you want them to understand something. You want your message to come through. But most of all, you want to ignite action.

To move people to take action, you must do more than simply getting them to understand the idea you are presenting. You need to make people feel something via a story that connects with them.


As an entrepreneur and founder, you might be struggling with bringing your ideas together to form a convincing narrative that can inform design, marketing, communication, customer experience or team development and resonate with your audience at the same time.

As a manager or leader in an organisation, you are looking to deepen your connection with your audience to deliver better results by improving how you present information and engage with people.





Training to make a difference.

People need to care about what they learn. If it doesn't make sense; if it doesn't fit into the way they see the world and what they want to achieve, they will sit down in the room and pretend to be listening. Nothing will change when the training finishes.

I teach how to apply story skills to communication for  people who are ready to lead, engage and contribute.

My training is based on 3 pillars:

-  We are here to help you improve how you communicate. 

- The training is practical and interactive.
-When you leave, you'll have experienced a change in how you communicate, lead and connect with the people you work with.

If you want to capitalise on the transformational power of storytelling, book a call to discuss how I can help you.

If you want to 

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Making things better

by telling better stories


Facilitation to create common and trusted narratives .  

Organisations need to articulate narratives that embrace diversity, tolerate friction and create movement and impact if they want to succeed in this complex world.  If you want to change the energy in the room, you need more than a rational and well-presented argument.  To truly connect with your audience, you need a convincing story that resonates on an emotional level.

I work with companies and organisations that understand that the world has changed and stakeholder involvement is no longer a matter of box-ticking. 

I help organisations create common narratives with stakeholders that align vision and purpose, open channels of communication and regenerate trust.

From communities to internal teams, I help you build a bridge in which dialogue and collaboration is possible.

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Break free from story templates.

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“When it comes to heart filled purposeful and authentic stories, Natalia gets to the essence. She does it with integrity, honesty and personal humilty. A pleasure to work with.”

Darragh Power

Coach and Changemaker, Sales Acceleration and Leaderships Programme SAP

“Natalia has the rare ability to bring clarity in complex situations while being courageously commited to making a difference in people's lives. Her work is about empowering people by listening to diverse voices and bringing them together in one story. Something that is very much needed these days.”

Dr. Carlos Beristain

Member of the Truth Comission, Colombia

“Working with Natalia has helped me to comunicate my aspirations, work and goals in a more personal and candid way."

Ivan Saldaña

Independent Sales consultant.

“Have you felt like you’re falling short of connecting with your customer with your marketing content? I have- even though my business is a content marketing company! Natalia helped me to break through the dry and overly analytical approach I was bringing to developing key marketing messages."

Tyler Anne Lowe

Founder and Chief Creative Director at Phaedo Creative.

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