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One to One 

I work with leaders and teams to overcome their communication challenges that prevent them from performing at the highest level.


Coaching is a series of conversations that challenge and empower you to realise your potential. 


Coaching is not just talking. It's a structured conversation that follows a process and it's powerful because creates transformative insights from the inside out that lead to action. 

In coaching,  you are not told what to do, but rather you decide what's best for you.

You are not guided in one direction but supported on your own journey.

You are not presented with solutions to your questions.


And you are not told whether something is wrong or right.

The whole process is based on staying curious, open and being non-judgemental while embracing every answer, idea, thought or feeling that it's brought to the table.


And why does this matter?


Because  If you want a sustainable change that creates a long-term impact, you need to own the transformation and the insights, the story and the narrative.


And you can only do this when the process is generated and directed by you. 

Coaching requires a clear commitment.

It's a bold and honest exercise. 

It's a partnership.
It's a safe and brave space. 




Serious Conversation
John Toya_edited.jpg

Natalia possesses a rare combination of intellect, calm and focus, resulting in clear, accurate reflections of the issues and goals. These brief summaries of complicated issues were followed up with thought-provoking questions. I was astounded at how much we were able to accomplish in our short time working together”

John Toya
Architect, Toya Studio.

Some of the questions that people bring to coaching 

- How can I have important conversations without creating a conflict? 


- How can I influence people to move in one direction?

- How can I help my team to stop working in silos?

- How can I encourage more collaboration and innovation in my team?

-  How can we make meetings more effective?

-  People are reluctant to give feedback. How can I change this?

-  How can I start giving more constructive feedback?

-  How can I take other people's opinions into account without feeling that I'm weakening my position as a leader?

- I'm tired of fighting at work.

Mikel hermosa.jpg

“When I started working with Natalia I was struggling to understand the communication difficulties that I was having with my team. Through my work with her,  I've started to realise the subtle details I was not aware of and how they were having an impact on my interaction with my team. As I result now, I've learnt that you can play an active role in self-empowering and influencing  others by opening your eyes, paying attention to the environment and modifying the way you interact with it.”

Mikel Hermosa
Offshore Wind Construction Manager .

Some of the results people achieve after working with me 

- Gain clarity on how best to address important conversations.

- Increase your confidence in your ability to handle difficult conversations.

- Build more trust and collaboration with the people you work with. 

-Spend less time explaining and repeating what needs to be done. 

- Reduce the level and frequency of misunderstandings. 

- Have more real conversations with better feedback.

- See more team alignment with your message, purpose and vision.

- Get things done faster, more creatively and collaboratively.

- Achieve better quality interactions. 

reinder .jpg

“Natalia helped me find and tell my story, and that of my business. In the work that she does, stories are more than a narrative – they are about meaning, values, identity, and letting that story be the driving force behind change. She manages to go to the core of a business, and asks thought-provoking questions to help you see your challenges in a different light. With Natalia's help, I managed to increase online sales and conversions, and got people to connect with my story and brand. I loved working with Natalia, and if you feel that there's more to your story, I recommend you enlist her help in discovering it..”

Reinder de Vries

My role as a coach 

My role is questioning, exploring and supporting your journey in achieving your goals, and when appropriate, and if you think it's useful, share insights,   processes and tools to help you make a faster and more meaningful transformation.

I work with high-achieving individuals who want to:

- improve their communication skills,

-  find new ways of influencing others,

-  create collaboration around them

-  get things done by empowering people rather than micromanaging them. 

I use processes and tools based on social psychology, mediation, peace processes and international negotiation and conflict resolution that help people in all types of industries create collaborative communication and leadership styles that get things done.  


Why me? You can learn more about my work here. 

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