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What are you selling?

Massimo Bottura opened Osteria Franciscana in Modena in 1995. He didn’t have an easy start with his restaurant.

He got his first Michelin star back in 2001. Now he has three,  and his restaurant was recently named the best in the world.

Osteria Franciscana has 12 tables, 120 booking requests each day, and a menu that starts at €250.

He wants to make the invisible visible.

His mum once said ‘He’s a great chef, but I cook better.’ And she was probably right, because he’s not selling food, he’s selling an experience.

Being unique can mean fulfilling a need through art, poetry or a sublime experience.

Are you selling products or services that fit into a box, or are you giving a new meaning and dimension to the needs and wants of your customers?

How are your products and services transforming the world around you?



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