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From time to time it’s good to check:

Whether you’re telling the story you really want to tell;

Whether people are really getting what you mean and not just hearing what you’re saying;

Whether you’re achieving what you want to achieve with your narrative.

As Nicholas Epley says in his book, Mindwise, “No psychologist asks people to explain the causes of their own thoughts and behaviour anymore unless they’re interested in storytelling.”

Self-awareness is not a monologue but a dialogue. Find peers, people and supporters around you who can help you to get out of your head and have an honest look at how you think and talk about your work.

Because the story you tell is the story that you create.

PS: Today is the last day to register for Craft a Story that Connects. We are having a kickoff call today with all the people that have signed up! If you want learn and practice how to tell better stories with others, this workshop is for you.



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