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Your story is told, not read

  1. Story 1: ‘Have you had a look at my website recently? I have a new logo. I’m really happy: the graphic designer totally understood what I wanted to communicate. She was on time and efficient, and she was in touch with me for the whole design process. She’s really good, and someone you can rely on. I’m so happy that I’ve found her!’

  2. Story 2: ‘Last weekend I went to this new restaurant in town. The food was really good and the people were very kind. I ate very little of my first course: there was nothing wrong with it but it wasn’t what I was expecting. The waitress came and insisted on bringing me a new dish free of charge. It was delicious! You need to go and try it. You’re going to love it!’

  3. Story 3: ‘I bought some t-shirts online for the kids and it seems that they didn’t have one of them in the size that I needed. They sent me an email, they refunded me straight away and they posted me a handwritten note to say sorry for the hassle; they even included a pair of socks! I love their clothes and the quality is fantastic. You need to have a look at their website next time you shop for kids’ clothes. I’ll send you the link. These guys are amazing!’

Good customer service is something you provide to please your customers, to make them feel that they’re important to you and that you care.

The difference between good customer service and telling a story is consistency and intent.

Do you want to be known as a graphic designer who creates beautiful designs for people who love design, care about their time and want to work to a schedule?

Do you want to be known as the restaurant where every customer leaves with a smile?

Do you want to be known as the online store that acts before a complaint arrives, and if it arrives, resolves it with a personal approach in less than 24 hours?

Good customer service is about pleasing your customers and treating them well; telling a story is about finding it out what delights them and intentionally and tirelessly offering it to them again and again.



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