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You will never get rid of me

I once heard a successful entrepreneur saying in an interview that the reason for his success was that he had done all his failing in his early twenties, so now he was finished with it. I was surprised that he spoke as if failing could be treated as a disease and once you’re over it you’re immunised.

I consider our resistance, imposter syndrome, procrastination and fear as masters of transfiguration. We never ever get rid of them – we just get better at dealing with them.

They are dangerous not because of what they are, but because of how they present themselves in different forms and disguises.

If you know that you’re dealing with fear, it gets easier to create a strategy. If you know that this is resistance, you can plan something to deal with it. But most of the time we create stories in our heads to justify our actions and confirm the power of resistance, procrastination and fear in our lives. This is not because we’re weak, but because we’re naive when faced by them. They trick us.

You don’t need to be fearless, ultra-focused, or proactive to beat them. You just need to be aware of when they’re knocking at your door.

And there is one very good reason to be vigilant: you can’t change what you don’t see.



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