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Bigger promises

When people ask me what happens once you have your unique story and what they can do to tell their own story, I always say that the best way of telling a story is by acting on it.

I have my unique story map hang it out in my board. I review it every three months, or whenever I feel that something around my business is changing. Sometimes I add something to what I do or how I do it, but other elements of my unique story never change.

I recently observed that my ‘who’ is getting smaller day by day: the people I want to serve have more layers, nuances, emotions and feelings that I haven’t noticed before.

And surprisingly, what is getting bigger and bigger is my promise.

When we really see our customers as people and not as numbers we might be surprised to realise that we don’t really need that many. But what we might need eventually is the courage to make bigger promises that make a difference to the people we want to serve.



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