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Work on one situation 

This is for you if you have an urgent or important situation or conversation that you need to address and you want to make sure that you handle it successfully.

How it works  

This is for you if:


You don't know how to handle an important, difficult conversation.


You are stuck in a disagreement with a colleague that it's affecting your relationships and your work 


You want to raise a matter at work and you don't know how.

You have a question regarding. collaboration and working with different stakeholders 


You can book up to 3 hours sessions to bring a new perspective and create a plan to address the situation successfully and confidently.


You can book your initial 30 minutes conversation here. 

Book a free 30 minutes call .

John Toya_edited.jpg

Natalia possesses a rare combination of intellect, calm and focus, resulting in clear, accurate reflections of the issues and goals. These brief summaries of complicated issues were followed up with thought-provoking questions. I was astounded at how much we were able to accomplish in our short time working together”

John Toya
Architect, Toya Studio.

jan stricker.jpg

Working with Natalia was a great experience! The way she guided me through the jungle of my own thoughts and ideas allowed me to search inside myself and give me the confidence to successfully deliver my presentation."  

Jan Hendirck-Stricker 
Head of Value of Advisory for Spend Management  EME North.

Mikel hermosa_edited.jpg

““When I started working with Natalia I was struggling to understand the communication difficulties that I was having with my team. Through my work with her,  I've started to realise the subtle details I was not aware of and how they were having an impact on my interaction with my team. As I result now, I've learnt that you can play an active role in self-empowering and influencing  others by opening your eyes, paying attention to the environment and modifying the way you interact with it."”

Mikel Hermosa 
Offshore Wind Construction Manager 



Make things better by having better conversations.

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