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I want my team to better manage difficult conversations 

This is for you if you want  your team to address one specific situation, improve their ability to  manage conflict, potential difficult conversations or learn how to disagree effectively. 

How it works  

Changing how your team handle difficult conversations and disagreement is a process that requires to understand first the communication dynamics that has been established.  


Not all the teams and groups are ready for the same level of commitment when it comes to changing how we communicate.


These are some of the work that I've done in the past for teams and groups:


- Presentations for small group to create insights and micro-learning experiences.

- Workshops

- Facilitating difficult conversations in a group or a team. 

-  Designing a learning programme for difficult conversations, effective disagreement and psychological safety.


When possible, I encourage a commitment that can sustain the 8 weeks, this is the 66 days, required from a behavioural point of view to create change. 

If you feel that you are ready, you can book an initial 30 minutes free call here.

Book a free 30 minutes call .


It has been a pleasure to work with Natalia. Her knowledge, experience and thoughtful preparation have been perfect for me and the audience. We now how tools and tips on how to manage difficult conversations. Looking forward to further engagement which I know will be tuned for maximising positive outcomes


Ricky Virdi
Senior Global Director,
Sales Learning SAP.


Natalia Alvarez approach inspired us to clarify our intention and purpose and use our “human” skills to enhance a positive contribution to personal and business development. Her focus on aligning values to make the workplace more successful and fulfilling is quite unique. I have no doubt in recommending her to any team wanting to clarify their message and purpose while focusing on making a positive contribution."

Graeme Keen
Relationship Director North of Scotland
Bank of Scotland 



Natalia has guided and helped organise the voices of diverse organisations to amplify their voices in the world of climate action. Our organisation represents diverse groups delivering diverse projects, each holding their own important story. Natalia was able to help highlight how we can structure ourselves to build visibility, our action, and empower our members." 

Cornell Hanxomphou
Ethnic Minority Environmental Network, Scotland



Make things better by having better conversations.

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