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"Natalia Alvarez approach inspired us to clarify our intention and purpose and use our “human” skills to enhance a positive contribution to personal and business development. Her focus on aligning values to make the workplace more successful and fulfilling is quite unique. I have no doubt in recommending her to any team wanting to clarify their message and purpose while focusing on making a positive contribution."

Graeme Keen, 

Relationship Director North of Scotland

Bank of Scotland


"It has been a pleasure to work with Natalia. Her knowledge, experience and thoughtful preparation have been perfect for me and the audience. We now have tools and tips on how to manage difficult conversations. Looking forward to further engagement, which I know will be tuned for maximising positive outcomes.” 

Ricki Virdi

Senior Global Director, Sales Learning



"When it comes to heart filled purposeful and authentic communication, Natalia gets to the essence. She does it with integrity, honesty and personal humility. A pleasure to work with.

Darragh Power 

Senior Director, Impact Learning Global


jan stricker.jpg

" Working with Natalia was a great experience! The way she guided me through the jungle of my own thoughts and ideas allowed me to search inside myself and give me the confidence to successfully deliver my presentation."

Jan Hendirck-Stricker

Head of Operations for RISE



"When I started working with Natalia, there were communication and trust issues on my team that impacted team performance and ultimately put our project at risk. Natalia helped me to approach difficult conversations with individuals and the team to change certain behaviours, including some of my leadership styles. These changes have allowed the team and me to work in a coordinated way, have common goals, a trustworthy environment, and ultimately deliver what the project needed from us."

Emilio de la Cerda

Project Construction Manager

ScottishPower Renewables


"When I started working with Natalia, I was struggling to understand the communication difficulties I was having with my team. Through my work with her, I've realised the subtle details I was unaware of and how they impacted my interaction with my team. As a result now, I've learnt that you can play an active role in self-empowering and influencing others by opening your eyes, paying attention to the environment and modifying the way you interact with it."

Mikel Hermosa 

Offshore Construction Manager

Iberdrola Renouvelables


"Natalia helped me craft a new communication and fundraising strategy, in a way that would stay true to the values of my project, my story and the community that was supporting us. Once we had crafted a way to communicate how individuals, businesses and community leaders could be a part of the project, our fundraising skyrocketed, our community grew and is now beginning to multiply. Working with Natalia has been my secret weapon, and I would recommend her highly and wholly"

Fiona McIntyre


Greyhope Bay


"Natalia has guided and helped organise the voices of diverse organisations to amplify their voices in the world of climate action. Our organisation represents diverse groups delivering diverse projects, each holding their own important story. Natalia was able to help highlight how we can structure ourselves to build visibility, our action, and empower our members."

Cornell Hanxomphou

Climate Change Officer

Ethnic Minority Environmental Network (EMEN), Scotland

Andrew barrie .jpg

"I approached Natalia with a semi-formed concept and narrative for a new product. Through working with her, we fundamentally deconstructed and rebuilt the proposition. The result is now the foundation of a more authentic, deeper and more ambitious movement than I could ever have imagined. It is wonderful to have clarity of purpose, sharpness of focus and an understanding as to why this is so important for the people we want to help."

Andrew Barrie


The Community Lab

Foto Carlos Beristain.jpg

"Natalia has the rare ability to bring clarity in complex situations. Her work is about empowering people by listening to diverse voices, bringing them together and encouraging them to act in a way that transforms and improves people's lives."

Dr Carlos Beristain

Advisor to the Truth Commission of Peru, Paraguay and Ecuador

Member of the Truth Commission, Colombia

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