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Find the right story

Your story is more than your “about us ” page and a description of what you do. Your story is the foundation of your business: why you exist, your values and what makes you unique. Finding the right story implies emotionally connecting your brand to your audience.

If your story doesn’t connect to your audience, you have a description of facts, but not a story.

The right story is what makes your business relevant.

Tell your business and vision story

Many businesses can do what you do: how you do it is what sets you apart.

People want to hear that story. They want to know why you do what you do and how you’re helping to achieve what matters to them.

As we have to tell our story in a way that’s inspiring and engaging, and that attracts the right people, this can be both exhausting and confusing. 

Story Strategy: Creating more impact

Are you getting the most out of your story? How is your story hitting the world? What is it creating?  What are you doing as a result of your story? Are you tapping into new opportunities and possibilities? 

Stories change the way we see the world and can open up our vision to new possibilities. You can discover even bolder ways to make your vision a reality in the world.

Apply for a strategy session

This is a FREE 30 minutes session that I offer to just 3 people per month.  First come, first served.

If you would like to join me I need to know a bit more about you and your business before we schedule our meeting: