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This is what makes me different, and these are the areas that I can help you with:

Making it simple. I specialise in discovering the story anchored within your values, vision and purpose and helping you to make it simple so that you can implement it. I can work with you from vision to implementation.

 Creating clarity. If you need to bring clarity to your story in order to convince and inspire your audience, let’s talk. If you have several contradictory versions, voices and ideas around your vision and want to find a way of connecting to your audience through your story in a way that’s true to yourself, I’m your coach.

Inspiring greatness. If you want a story that can lead your best work, I’ll help you.

I have the strategic and analytic mind of a lawyer. I dig deep, go to the point, and help you to shape your vision as a story that you can implement and grow for the people you want to serve.

And yes, I love asking the tough questions that nobody else asks, to invite you to see the possibilities of the story you’re already telling. (I know you love tough questions and exploring possibilities! Fancy talking about it?