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Some thank you stories from people who worked with me

Graeme Keen, Bank of Scotland

“Natalia Alvarez led a thought provoking session with our team.  Her approach inspired us to clarify our intention and purpose and use our “human” skills to enhance a positive contribution to personal and business development. Her focus on aligning values to make the workplace more successful and fulfilling is quite unique. I have no doubt in recommending her to any team wanting to clarify their message and purpose while focusing on making a positive contribution.

– Graeme Keen, Relationship Director – North of Scotland, Bank of Scotland

David Mead, Newbold Trust

“Natalia provided pivotal guidance for our social enterprise’s next phase of necessary evolution.  By facilitating our group to recognise who we are and what our unique offering is we can now go forward with all members inspired, engaged, and unified around our core purpose. Natalia’s systematic approach, and sensitivity to all voices, allowed us to achieve in three days what in the past has taken months of meetings resulting in uncertain outcomes. We are grateful for her help and will engage her for follow up.”

– Dr. David Mead, Co-Chair of Trustees Newbold Trust 

Txema Urkijo

“One of Natalia’s best qualities it is her ability to convince and persuade when presenting and communicating along with her empathy to understand other people’s point of view. She is excellent at designing a communication strategy and deliver it to different audiences. I would recommend Natalia heartily to any organisation which wants to become more influential and gain more presence when engaging with people.”

– Txema Urkijo, Former Director of the Basque Government Human Rights Office and Independent Consultant on Recovering Historical Memory

“I had a lot of energy for my project but was not very effective at moving further than having others agree that my proposals were a good idea. Natalia helped me to reflect and connect with what was driving me, who I am and how by understanding my purpose and drive I could better communicate my vision. This in turn greatly improved my ability to persuade and engage stakeholders to invest and contribute, supporting me in bringing my vision to reality.

It has been a fascinating and wonderful experience working with Natalia, I have developed a deeper understanding of self, my power to create impact and have increased confidence as I take on new and bigger challenges”

– Fiona McIntyre, Founder and Director Greyhope Bay

“Natalia’s approach during our session fitted our needs perfectly. The session opened our minds to a different way of thinking and we started focusing on further possibilities for our business development. After our chat our team was inspired and motivated to do more!”

– Christina Christopoulou, Co-Founder of evne

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