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Do you have a vision, but you’re unclear about how to tell your story?

Are you feeling stuck with your story?

Sometimes we get stuck in one place and need some help to restore our connection to our story. You might have a clear picture of your vision but you’re not sure how to create a story around it.  Using a story is the easiest and most inspiring way to make your vision real.

After working with your Story Roadmap you will have:

  • clarity about how to create the basics of your story so that you can confidently create a strategy for your business or project
  • a way to look into the strategy as a storyteller, so you can figure it out what’s next for you based on the story you want to see manifesting in the world.

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“Natalia provided great guidance to help me overcome obstacles in my business that were preventing me from effectively connecting with clients. She was able to quickly get a handle on my business and ideal customer, delivering clear and effective insight in a professional manner. I’m more confident moving forward in my business knowing that I have a great resource like Natalia in my corner.”

– Jan Golden, Denver, Colorado, www.iphonesavvycom

Thanks for your interest in Storyroad map. Before we talk, I need a bit more information about you and your business. This will help me to figure out how I can best help you.