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I’ve never particularly enjoyed networking events at which you have to give your name and a clever introduction to what you do. I normally go with a simple “I help businesses to tell their stories”. I’m always fascinated by peoples’ responses to this.

Some tell me the story of their business, which I always enjoy: others say “So you do social media stuff”.

What fascinates me is how people perceive stories, and where they locate stories in their own businesses.

Many people spend a lot of time talking, but don’t communicate clearly. And in the same vein, people can spend a lot of time telling a story that doesn’t engage the customers that they’re seeking to attract.

You can get peoples’ attention for a couple of seconds, but really engaging them is a completely different thing.

Great stories are not about grabbing attention by creating valuable content. It’s about focusing on the people’s experience with intention.

You know that you want to tell a story when you’re focusing on designing the right experience for your customers rather than wanting to grab their attention to get them to buy from you.

Storytelling is not about creating an audience: it’s about long-term engagement with purpose and intent.



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