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When the chips are down

The story we tell about our business will be tested sooner or later.

A long time ago my grandmother told me a story about two friends in her village who bought a lottery ticket together every week. Year after year, they routinely played the lottery in the hope that one day they would win and get out of poverty. However, there came a time when one of them could not afford his half of the ticket for a couple of weeks, and during this time his friend bought a ticket on his own and won the jackpot. It was an insane amount of money.

During all these years they had created a story together of friendship and sharing, dreaming about overcoming poverty. And now the dream had came true.

As their story was real and they believed in it, there was no doubt about what was to be done. The lottery winner shared the prize with his friend.

What story do you tell yourself when the chips are down and you have to make a difficult decision about your business? Is your story about who you are and what you bring to the business still real and present? If not, what story comes into play?



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