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What are you risking?

Anne Dufourmantelle wrote a book called In Praise of Risk. In an interview in 2015 she said:

“The usual expression (in French) is to say “I risk my life”, but perhaps one should say “I risk life”. To be entirely alive is a risk, and few people are”.

What are the risks that you’re taking to serve the people you want to serve? What are the risks that you’re taking to keep your promise? And to stand up for your values? Few people, individuals or businesses want to answer these questions.

Anne Dufourmantelle said “When one admits his fear, his finitude, one’s confidence can be reborn from this vulnerability”.

You might not be surprised to hear that she died on a summer’s day in 2017 while trying to rescue two children who had got caught in a rough sea.

The fear of taking risks is universal, but the choice to do so is up to only you.



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