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The untenable goal

When was the last time that you set a goal that seemed impossible, that made you feel uncomfortable, that made you feel ‘I shouldn’t be thinking about this right now?’ When was the last time you thought ‘This is not the right moment’, or ‘This is not going to happen’?

Goals are not just there for us to achieve; they’re also to make us dream big, to force us to look for different answers and resources, to look into our assets and boundaries, narratives and emotions.

Unattainable, unreachable, impossible or unrealistic; every goal should have a bit of these. There is an inherent tension that’s created when you think that you might not achieve it, and this tension forces you to do things differently.

Goals that take us to the same places become part of a checklist that doesn’t allow us to reach our potential. What goals can you set up that will realise your unique story and your potential? What narrative do you need to develop so that you can do more than you think you can?



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