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The impact goes with the story

She sits down, closes the door behind her and chooses the biggest table in the room. She starts spreading her Post-its around in a way that denotes that she’s done this thousands of times before. In a couple of minutes the room is illuminated with ideas spread around like confetti on a table that has witnessed birthdays, sleepless nights, innumerable craft activities and a couple of business meetings.

She could be you, she could be me.

We both dream about creating more impact and reaching more people.

You can hear her head spinning and I can too.

It’s a bubbling noise, an uninterrupted flow of ideas and connections.

She carefully starts to organise the chaos. The colours, pencils and Post-its are now placed in an orderly manner on the table, waiting for her hand to take them from one place to another.

This is the beginning of her story, chaotic as it sounds and impossible as it may seem.

Stories start in tables in rooms and ordinary places. People want to hear them because there’s a lot of hope in them.

We worry all the time about how to create great content for our audience. Content that can be consumed, clicked on and forwarded. But content doesn’t move people, and I’m not sure that content is what people want most of the time.

Once you click on it, it’s over.

Stories, on the other hand, are made for their impact because they’re always looking for a place to land, a place to grow.

Like the Post-its full of ideas on the table, they’re looking to spread around the world.

That’s why if you truly want to create an impact you should think in stories. Nothing will get your ideas closer to people than a great story.



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