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The best is not for everybody

Best croissant in Paris? Maybe Du Pain et des Idées.

Best chocolate bar made in the US? Maybe Askinosie.

Best Indian restaurant in London? Possibly Gymkhana.

Best- tasting cheese in 2017? Smoked Black Pudding from Hugh Maguire.

There’s a lot of competition when it comes to croissants in Paris, chocolate bars made in the US and the greatest-tasting cheese in the world.

There were 12,366 cheeses in the 2017 Great Taste Awards.

There are thousands of pastry shops in Paris.

And in 2015, Americans ate 18 per cent of the world’s chocolate confectionery.

That’s a lot of competition if you’re in the business of making cheese, chocolate or croissants.

But the best is not for everybody.

Du Pain et des Idées is the best for you if you love croissants made the traditional way, with natural ingredients, and you’re prepared to wait in a long queue to get them.

Askionsie is the best chocolate bar for you if you care about good quality, direct trade and knowing where the product comes from.

Smoked Black Pudding cheese can only be for you if you like smoked food.

There is no ‘best of the best’ category that you need to win, as there is no ideal customer or perfect pitch waiting for you.

The question is not being the best, but who you are the best for.



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