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Ten unconventional benefits of telling business stories

1. It prompts you to look at your business differently: to find your stories you need to ask your team and your customers different kinds of questions.

2. Asking different questions can reveal interesting and relevant information about your business that was hidden in plain sight.

3. Interesting and relevant information can lead to new projects and business decisions that can move your business forward by differentiating it from your competition.

4. Moving your business forward based on decisions and projects connected to your team and your customers’ stories creates a culture that people feel they belong to.

5. A culture where staff and customers feel they belong acts as a magnet for the right talent and loyal customers.

6. A business that people feel part of can create a culture of respect.

7. A culture based on respect is more likely to appreciate individual diversity.

8. When individual diversity is respected and appreciated, people feel free to generate more ideas and creativity flows.

9. Where creativity flows, stories flourish.

10. When stories flourish in an organisation they enrich the circle of innovation, differentiation, belonging, meaning, culture and growth.

When Stories are used creatively in a business they can become a driving force for growth.



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