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Getting closer to the ones who care

A couple of months ago a good friend approached a charity to make a donation. She wrote an email to arrange a phone call and transfer the money safely.

When the woman at the other end heard the amount she wanted to donate, she was very surprised.

“This is extremely generous of you. Thank you,” she said.

My friend told her that this charity had helped her a great deal at a point in her life when she was really struggling. “Now,” she said, “it’s my turn to make a difference in others’ people lives.”

“Thank you,” she heard again at the other end of the line.

She had a great story to tell, but nobody asked her, because the job of the woman at the call centre was collecting the money, not the stories.

When I hear people telling me that it’s difficult to find their customers’ stories, what I’m hearing is that they don’t know where to find them. So I always tell them: “Just go and find the people who care”.



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