Business Stories Individual Consulting

Business Stories Individual Consulting

One-to-one consultations are the best way of unveiling your business purpose, translating it into a clear narrative and creating purposeful stories. From turning your blogging ideas into posts to designing a new fundraising campaign, one to one is perfect for moving from idea to story implementation.

Before any story is told it exists only in our head. If we focus too early on the structure, we lose the connection with the initial spark that generated the idea. For this reason my process starts with your business purpose and values, which we translate into a narrative and only then work with the ideas that will eventually become your stories.  

Stories created in this way are perceived as authentic and can be told confidently, because they are created from a place that is true to yourself and has your audience in mind.

An authentic story that can be trusted is based on the 3 Es – empathic, emotional, and essential – rather than the 3 Rs – rational, right and rigorous. 

Audit your story

This is a quick review of your pitch, presentation, or story to find more alignment with your purpose and create a better resonance with your audience based on the 3Es approach ( emotional, empathic and essential)

Tell a Purposeful Story

This package is perfect to develop your idea from purpose to story. We start with your purpose, we craft the narrative and choose one to two stories to develop. The number of sessions depend on the nature of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a small business owner and I struggle to find stories and content that feel authentic and connect with my audience. Are you a content marketing consultant?

No, I’m not. My work is about helping you communicate your why with stories that authentically connect you to your customers. I don’t offer objective advice about market trends, market research or analysis. Content marketing consultants look at the market for current content and trends. My approach is different: I translate your purpose into stories that people can empathise with and trust, to help you build a brand that people connect with.

I work for a marketing agency. We help our customers to tell stories. Do you collaborate with marketing agencies and creative agencies?

Yes I do, and I love it. You can think of me as the fieldwork agent who does all the digging around your customer’s purpose, stories, motivations and beliefs. I bring a deeper understanding of your customer’s story so that you can create an even more amazing marketing campaign, website or social media strategy. 

I’m a CEO. The company is not currently clearly communicating our why. This is affecting the story that we tell. Is this something you can help us with?

Yes, it is. Many of my customers come to me with this question. They have a gut feeling that something is not being properly communicated, that their passion and vision is not being fully understood. They’re concerned that their ability to grow will be blocked if they don’t own their story and communicate it clearly. I can help you define your why and craft a narrative that everybody in your company will understand and empathise with, a narrative that you can use for hiring new team members, designing a marketing campaign or creating a new sales presentation

I’m a co-founder. The business is growing, and we feel that our story is all over the place. We hired a branding agency in the past that did a great job. How is your work different from that of a branding agency, and how can you help us?

I help you to find your narrative, a very simple and basic purposeful brand story and to communicate this with your stories.

Who have you worked with and in which industries?

I’ve worked with CEOs, MDs, founders, entrepreneurs, company presidents and freelancers from a variety of sectors including tech, tourism, education, marketing and branding, the housing industry, finance, and health and wellbeing. 

What have you helped your customers with?

I’ve helped my clients to solve a variety of problems at the intersection of communication, leadership, marketing and branding, from creating a basic purposeful brand story, clarifying their purpose in their sales pitch, helping with internal presentations and investor’s presentations, to creating blogs and videos that are aligned with the purpose and narrative of the business and co-creating a fundraising campaign.  

Do you actually proofread and edit my story or presentation?

No I don’t. But I can suggest some names.

I’m the founder of a business, and we need a clear and engaging story for our website. Is this something you can help with?

I can help you create the narrative and the story for your website. I can work with your web developer, designer and copywriter, and if you don’t have these I can suggest some great people for this work. The process is the same: we work with your purpose and values, we create the narrative, and then we translate the narrative into the story for the website. 

What is your storytelling methodology or approach?

I work from the inside out. There are no templates and no structure at the beginning. Instead we create your own unique story building blocks that you can use on your website, in your blogs and presentations, and in different types of campaign. Telling authentic stories and creating meaning for your customers and audiences doesn’t come from a template. It’s a process that follows principles, not rules.

What are your fees?

It depends on the work. My basic package starts at £500. Please contact me if you want to find our more.

“Natalia helped me find and tell my story, and that of my business. In the work that she does, stories are more than a narrative – they are about meaning, values, identity, and letting that story be the driving force behind change. She manages to go to the core of a business, and asks thought-provoking questions to help you see your challenges in a different light. With Natalia’s help, I managed to increase online sales and conversions, and got people to connect with my story and brand. I loved working with Natalia, and if you feel that there’s more to your story, I recommend you enlist her help in discovering it.”

“What Natalia brings to the table is CLARITY and INSIGHT like no other, and she does it by helping entrepreneurs and businesses map their story. I had many stories and a diverse group of international clients. However, I wanted to develop my brand online to help and impact more people. That’s where Natalia came in. She helped me map my story to connect and engage with my clients and grow my business online. I’m grateful for Natalia’s insight and perspective.”

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