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Stories need leaders, not just heroes

Businesses that intentionally want to tell a story need a hero, but they also need a leader, the author of the story, the person who is leading and making the story possible.

Leadership story coaching is for leaders who believe in their story and want to make sure they’re implementing it.  They want their businesses to become their story, and they want to make decisions based on the story they want to see in the world.

Leadership story coaching uses the power of your inner story to lead your business. 

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“Natalia helped us to clarify our purpose and story and she introduced us to innovative processes and practices that resulted in qualitative and quantitative outcomes that made a great impact in our social enterprise. We went through quite a deep process of redefining our story and purpose and Natalia beautifully facilitated the process allowing us to achieve short-term and long term results that kept us motivated and focused. Thanks Natalia for joining us in our endeavour of nurturing positive change! ”
– Víctor Morales-Álvarez, MD Newbold Trust

Thanks for your interest in Leadership story coaching. Before we talk, I need a bit more information about you and your business. This will help me to figure out how I can best help you.