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A message that
doesn't connect is 
only a message delivered.

Let's change this.  

To get customers, team members or stakeholders to take a certain action, you must first win their hearts. The most effective way to achieve this is by creating a narrative that they emotionally connect with. 


Communication designed to connect first creates a safe space for information to be delivered, for conversations to develop, for change to happen, and for customers and teams to engage in a meaningful way.

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I address the communication challenges of high-performance individuals and teams by helping them to create better conversations and narratives that increase psychological safety, collaboration and trust.


Hi, I’m Natalia Alvarez.


I’m a former human rights lawyer and academic with more than two decades of experience in international advocacy and leadership training. I’ve worked for international organisations, governments, NGOs, universities, and companies, helping them to influence and persuade different actors to make change happen.

In this complex and interconnected world we need to bring diverse voices and ideas together to create solutions to real problems. To move forward, we need not only the right people in the room but also the right story.


Create better conversations.

 Teams are becoming more diverse, change is accelerating in many sectors and there is a growing pressure to deliver better results and more innovation in record time. 


When people can bring themselves to work they are more productive, creative, innovative, conflicts tend not to escalate , and they deliver better results.


By improving our conversations and narratives, we are getting better alignment that allow us to achieve our goals.  



Image by Erol Ahmed

“Natalia Alvarez led a thought provoking session with our team.  Her approach inspired us to clarify our intention and purpose and use our “human” skills to enhance a positive contribution to personal and business development. Her focus on aligning values to make the workplace more successful and fulfilling is quite unique. I have no doubt in recommending her to any team wanting to clarify their message and purpose while focusing on making a positive contribution.”

Graeme Keen
Relationship Director, North of Scotland,
Bank of Scotland.


“Natalia was key instrumenting our vision. At the start, we as a team could not see beyond our daily battles spending energy in the wrong fronts. She enlighten us with an external view, on how to communicate and connect with our real clients, creating new supporters that share our same values.

Daniel Pérez
Vice-president at Refugio de Lobos.


Improving  dialogue with stakeholders.  

I help you build a bridge in which dialogue and collaboration are possible.

From teams without a narrative that explains to local communities why the project is important to companies working on a project involving different stakeholders that want to create a common narrative that enables feedback and collaboration. 

I  help to improve the dialogue between members of a team, organisations and stakeholders to create an environment of trust in which different voices can be heard, constructive feedback can be delivered and a more robust and inclusive project can be implemented. 


Deliver a clear message that connects. 

The most well crafted and polished presentation can fall flat if you can't connect with your audience. How people feel about what you say dramatically affect their ability to listen to you. 


When you are connected to what others are communicating, there are more chances that they will listen and follow.


The first and most relevant question that you need to address before you start thinking about how you're going to communicate your message is what you want your audience to think or feel when you've finished. 

Don't just aim only for clear communication, invest in connecting too.  Because without connection, you only have a message delivered. 




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“ Working with Natalia was a great experience! She helped me to discover new perspectives on my story and I have learned how to tell it in different ways. The way she guided me through the jungle of my own thoughts and ideas allowed me to search inside myself and give me confidence to successfully deliver my presentation”

Jan- Hendrick  Stricker
Head of Value Advisory for Spend Management EMEA North, SAP

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Making things better
with better conversations



“When it comes to heart filled purposeful and authentic stories, Natalia gets to the essence. She does it with integrity, honesty and personal humilty. A pleasure to work with.”

Darragh Power

Coach and Changemaker, Sales Acceleration and Leaderships Programme SAP

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“Natalia has the rare ability to bring clarity in complex situations while being courageously commited to making a difference in people's lives. Her work is about empowering people by listening to diverse voices and bringing them together in one story. Something that is very much needed these days.”

Dr. Carlos Beristain

Member of the Truth Comission, Colombia

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“Working with Natalia has helped me to comunicate my aspirations, work and goals in a more personal and candid way."

Ivan Saldaña

Independent Sales consultant.


“Have you felt like you’re falling short of connecting with your customer with your marketing content? I have- even though my business is a content marketing company! Natalia helped me to break through the dry and overly analytical approach I was bringing to developing key marketing messages."

Tyler Anne Lowe

Founder and Chief Creative Director at Phaedo Creative.

Let's work together.

Invest in connecting

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