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Sometimes we feel that although what we do is clear, people don’t get the story – why we do what we do, why it’s important, why it’s different, why it’s unique, why it’s relevant.

Wondering how to bring your vision into reality?

Do you want to make a big change?

Stuck because you can’t communicate your vision?

Are you in a moment of transition wanting to grow your business while staying true to who you are? 

This programme is for you if you’re growing and need some clarity about your story so that you can prioritise and make decisions based on your vision and your story.

When you find a unique way of providing a service, when you’re truly acting on your values, when you find an area in which your beliefs and your vision match those of your customers, there’s no competition. 

People can do what you do, but they’ll never be able to do it the way you do.

Working with this programme you will achieve:

  • a clear map with the elements of your story that will take you from vision to reality.
  • a personalised story map that will help you prioritise and make decisions faster. 

Get in touch to schedule an initial meeting if you want to find out more about creating your Unique Story Map.


“I went from being awkward and unconfident to being able to confidently speak about my business and the value I can offer – a huge deal for an introvert. I’ve had positive feedback from my pitch and since our work together I have increased my business”

– Fiona Robertson, Fiona Robertson Graphics

Thanks for your interest in Finding your unique story. Before we talk, I need a bit more information about you and your business. This will help me to figure out how I can best help you.