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I want to change how I manage difficult conversations 

This is for you if you want to learn how to better manage difficult conversations and disagreement and you are ready to make a change. 

How it works  

Changing how you handle difficult conversations and disagreements require a bit more work than a couple of sessions. 


If you are ready to be open and learn about how to differently handle conflict, opposition and resistance to create better results and engagement, let's talk. The minimum commitment is 12 sessions.


This is not a random figure.


Behavioural change takes time. It takes around 66 days to create a new habit. That's 8 week.

If you feel that you are ready, you can book an initial 30 minutes free call here.




Book a free 30 minutes call .

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“I was worried about failing in my new role as I felt I didn’t have the skills to handle some tough conversations with clients.
Since I worked with Natalia, I have now a process that I can easily follow with prospects and clients.
Before, I always focused on talking perfectly because I was worried about being rejected. Now I don't need a script beforehand to speak as I know how to gain more information and create a deeper connection in every conversation. I’m confident that I have now the skills to create psychological safety with all stakeholders and a long lasting and trusted relationship with clients"

Nina Lai
Project  Manager.


Natalia was key instrumenting our vision. At the start, we as a team could not see beyond our daily battles spending energy in the wrong fronts. She enlighten us with an external view, on how to communicate and connect with our real clients, creating new supporters that share our same values.” 

Daniel Pérez
Vice-President Refugio de Lobos 



Natalia helped me craft a new communication and fundraising strategy, in a way that would stay true to the values of my project, my story and the community that was supporting us. Once we had crafted a way to communicate how individuals, businesses and community leaders could be a part of the project, our fundraising skyrocketed, our community grew and is now beginning to multiply. Working with Natalia has been my secret weapon and I would recommend her highly and wholly”

FIona McIntyre 
Founder and Director, Greyhope Bay



Make things better by having better conversations.

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