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About Me

I work with leaders and teams to make change happen through creating communication that is both clear and meaningful.

My Story

I started my journey working as a human rights lawyer with real changemakers in international organisations. From informal meetings in the corridors of the United Nations to closed-door sessions and leadership workshops, I quickly realised that people follow the best stories.


Over the years since then I’ve worked with different organisations, companies and governments creating narratives of change that people can feel part of.

From tech start-ups to investment companies and environmental organisations, I’ve helped businesses grow by connecting with a narrative that’s both true to themselves and aligns with how their customers want to change the world.



I have a PhD in international Law and worked for more than two decades in international advocacy and as a lecturer in human rights for top universities in the UK. 

I’ve sat down with people from different backgrounds, cultures and ideologies, to advance human rights agendas and successfully work on highly sensitive issues. 


Communication happens when you are ready to listen and embrace difference.

A narrative and a message that can be trusted is not fabricated to be liked but crafted to be followed, first by you, and only then by the people you want to bring on board.


I work with narratives that bring purpose and profit together.


My clients align with the view that organisations and businesses must create value for society and have a social function to fulfil. 

How I work

Narratives, conversations, stories and messages are tools for finding common ground, not recipea for convincing people to do things they don’t want to do.


Storytelling and communication is an art grounded in interdependence and interconnection. Before trying to convince or persuade anybody of something, we need to find what we have in common. That’s why  great stories and narratives work: they bring us closer together.

For that reason I work not from a template but rather based on principles. Narratives and messages need to grow organically and stay alive rather than being fixed on a piece of paper. They need to change and evolve if they are to meet people where they are.

Applying story thinking to communication requires a different mindset. We need to get used to embracing the subjective over the objective, the emotional over the rational, and the collective over the individual.

The main three elements of my processes are :

  • The purpose and values that define why you do what you do, and your guiding principles, 

  • The narrative at the core of your organisation that helps you to deliver your purpose;

  • Your story, which enables you to connect emotionally with the people you want to bring on board. 



Tips to make connection the driver of your communication.


“Natalia’s storytelling webinars are deeply considered, well-structured and given by someone who is brilliant at it.”

Ian Helps

Director Consalia & Advisory Board Member at the Association of Professional Sales.


“What Natalia brings to the table is CLARITY and INSIGHT like no other, and she does it by helping entrepreneurs and businesses map their story. I had many stories and a diverse group of international clients. However, I wanted to develop my brand online to help and impact more people. That’s where Natalia came in. She helped me map my story to connect and engage with my clients and grow my business online. I’m grateful for Natalia’s insight and perspective."

Mina Fung

Founder Pull Impact.


“Natalia is not a marketer, but a truth-seeker. Her insights will make you better. She’ll help you understand the underlying narratives blocking your company, so you can unleash the power of storytelling as the driving force of purpose, change, influence and results behind your brand. Her work is continuously surprising and unique. I couldn’t speak highly enough of Natalia after working together in multiple projects and workgroups."

Santiago Melluso

Founder and CEO at TakeFortyTwo

Digital Agency.

Let's work together.

Invest in connecting

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