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Hi, I’m Natalia….

I didn’t learn about storytelling in books. 

I’ve spent many hours listening to the best speakers and influencers at the United Nations. Many of them didn’t have a degree or any knowledge about how to make an effective presentation, yet when those leaders spoke, people listened.

I’ve learned the hard way how to tell a story that brings people on board.

While doing my PhD in international law and working for indigenous peoples’ rights I designed, led and fundraised for a United Nations human rights programme. The programme was one that the indigenous peoples were proud of and wanted to be part of, and it would help them to achieve their dreams.

I had to sell my idea to the toughest bureaucrats on earth. I pitched it, was rejected, and pitched it again. I learned how to express the passionate hopes and dreams of this community and persuaded organisations to support us.  In this process I learned about the elements that make up a great story and how balancing them makes a huge difference. 

I want to help you tell your unique story that will make a change for the better too.

I had the privilege of participating in some of the most crucial years of the development of the international indigenous rights movement. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to change the opinions of experts, diplomats and governments about human rights, equality and discrimination. I’ve learnt first-hand how stories can drive change, even in the most entrenched bureaucrats.

When the indigenous peoples started their international work they didn’t have a marketing budget or expertise in communication or branding, but they did have stories. And that’s all they needed.

When the international bureaucracy wore me out  I returned to academia, but I felt  that something was missing. I wasn’t fulfilled, and I started to feel that I needed to create a connection between my vision, my purpose, and my work. I left my job and started to work with small local businesses and projects with ambitious visions of changing the culture and the world around them. 

These small businesses were creative, open, enthusiastic and full of ideas. They wanted to bring positive change into the world, and they weren’t restrained by internal bureaucracy. They saw themselves as contributors to a world full of possibilities. I felt energised working with people who delighted in navigating through this uncharted territory full of opportunities.  

Now I’m fully committed to helping businesses to create and make stories that contribute to making the world a better place for all of us.

Stories shape our present and our future. They can heal us and inspire us to bring our best work into the world, just as writers, visionaries and great leaders do. 

The world is full of possibilities.  

It all starts here with you, your vision, and your story and I would love to help you make your story come true.

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