About Me

Hi, I’m Natalia Alvarez

I didn’t learn about stories, purpose and values in books. 

I’ve spent many hours listening to the best speakers and influencers at the United Nations. Many of them didn’t have a degree or any knowledge about how to make an effective presentation, yet when those leaders spoke, people listened.

I’ve learned the hard way how to tell a story that brings people on board.


While doing my PhD in international law and working for indigenous peoples’ rights I designed, led and fundraised for a United Nations human rights programme. 

I had to sell my idea to the toughest bureaucrats on earth. I pitched it, was rejected, and pitched it again. I learned how to express the passionate hopes and dreams of this community and persuaded organisations to support us.  In this process I learned about the elements that make up a great story and how balancing them makes a huge difference. 

I had the privilege of participating in some of the most crucial years of the development of the international indigenous rights movement. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to change the opinions of experts, diplomats and governments about human rights, equality and discrimination. I’ve learnt first-hand how stories can drive change, even in the most entrenched bureaucrats.

When the international bureaucracy wore me out I returned to academia, although I didn’t last long.

After compiling all the practical knowledge that I’d acquired in years of working in communication and advocacy for international organisations, I went on to obsessively read about and study storytelling, personal development, marketing and branding.

I wanted to find how and why the most authentic stories were connecting and driving change.

I still remember my first testimonial. I copied it onto a piece of paper and put it on my wall to remind me that every single story matters, every single person counts, and impact is measured by the good that people spread after you have had the privilege of working with them. 

Wanting to tell a better story to make a bigger impact?